Friday, September 30, 2011

Bowl Turners, Send Us Your Bowls!

 Bowl Turners.....

We want your bowl in the show and we’d like to have it by November 12th so that we have time to set up the show.  We promise to take good care of it.  You could mail it to us or drop it off at the shop.  If your’re dropping your bowl off, we’re here from 8 AM to 5 PM Mon-Friday and also will be here on the weekends of Sept 23rd & 24th, October 22nd and 23rd, and Nov 11th & 12th.  We’ll also be around on October 1st and October 8th.  If  none of these times work, let us know and we’ll make other arrangements with you.

The mailing address is the same for both (be happy to reimburse for shipping costs)

Mark Supik and Co.
1 N. Haven St.
Baltimore, MD  21224

We’ll take care of getting your bowl back to you after the show.

Bowl not finished?  Mark will be putting up some tips on the blog (  that may help. He’s also happy to talk on the phone anytime if you have questions. We have an open studio day on October 1st if you want to stop by and work on finishing your bowl.We also have a bowl class  on October 22nd and another on November 13th if you want to take bowl turning to the next level and spruce up your pine bowl.  Here's a link to the teaching schedule for the fall:  Fall 2011 Woodturning Workshops

Bowl not perfect?  Not a problem.  Cracks, bug holes, chips and scrapes are all part of the process.

Bowl Sales.  If you want to sell your bowl, please let us know.  Mark will have many of his for sale and you are welcome to sell yours.  The gallery does take a percentage of all sales, so please let us know if you’d like any of your bowls to be for sale and we can talk with you about how that will work.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bowl Turners, Time for the Reunion!

Time for the 100 Bowls Project Reunion!

The project we started over a year ago is entering the home stretch.  All but a few of the 100 bowls have been turned, with only a few blanks and some small branches left.

We’ve set a date for the show/reunion/party and hope that you and your bowls will be in attendance.

About The Event.

The event, called How Many Bowls?, will take place over two days, November 19th and 20th at the Schiavone Gallery in Baltimore (just a few blocks from the shop in Highlandtown).  Mark & I visited the gallery last week and the space is beautiful!  There will be plenty of room to display the bowls and to project a slide show with photos of the original tree and of the bowls being turned.  Dan & Liz, who run the gallery, are excited about the show and our artist-friend, Kini Collins (also one of the 100 bowl turners) has offered to help us arrange the show and attract some attention in the art community.  The exhibit will be in place for 2 days, November 19th & 20th, with some opportunities for early viewing the week before.

On Saturday, November 19th we’ll turn the 100th bowl right in the gallery (we’ll be taking a lathe over) and have a celebration to honor the turners (there are 38 of you).  The event will be from 1-4 pm and will be open to the public, so please plan to attend and bring your fan clubs.

On Sunday, November 20th the gallery will be open again from 1-4 pm.  Mark will demonstrate bowl turning (he’ll be making small bowls from some of the smaller pieces) and the 100 bowls will again be on display.  If you can’t make Saturday, hope you can make Sunday, even better if you can come both days.